Dr. Reddy and his staff are great. they are all very caring & helpful. I never have to wait a long time to see Dr. Reddy. He saved mu eye. I am very grateful to him. I will recommend him to anyone with a eye issue. Thankful

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– Shirley F, Slidell

Dr. Satya Reddy performed cornea replacement surgery on both of my eyes. Both eyes are functioning well, I am using my eye drops and my vision is clear in both eyes. I want to praise God and thank Him for your gifted hands Dr. Reddy. I frequently tell others about the miraculous work you performed. I highly recommend you to others who may have serious eye sight issues. Thank you so much and may God continue blessing you and others with your gifted hands.

– Ethel M, Hammond

wonderful staff! This is my go-to place!

– Amy, Mandeville

Just Had Cataract surgery in both eyes by Dr. Reddy. It was quick, easy, painless and quick. He was very professional and easy to talk to. I am very satisfied with the whole experience, his staff and the outcome. I cannot believe how bright, colorful and clear my eyesight is. In fact my husband is making an appointment with him also. Thank you!!!!

– Cynthia Finley, Mandeville

Dr. Reddy is very knowledgable and professional as well as his staff. He has removed cataracts from both of my eyes and I can’t say enough about him removing them. It has really changed my life. I would highly recommend him as I have already told others about my wonderful experience.

– Janine R., Hammond


– Jennifer, Covington

Hard Worker

– Alex, Madisonville


– Lisa, Covington